Tapatrip Group is to partner with DidaTravel Technology, a leading hotel wholesaler in Shenzhen, China.

Within the framework of this cooperation, the aim is to provide world-class hotel technology by using technology to connect the supply and demand of Mongolian hotels and integrating it to the global system.

The Tapatrip Group has developed “Tapatrip”, an integrated travel platform of mobile application and www.tapatrip.com website for instant booking, which has not been available in Mongolia previously. This platform is a complete solution to the problem of having to call, accessing branches, getting help from acquaintances, and not being able to access services in the past.

Furthermore, the Tapatrip platform has switched to 100 percent online sales by connecting local flights to mobile phones, which has resulted in significant human, office and operational cost savings. Moreover, it is being possible to provide international flights with its ancillary services by airlines by going online, increase seat availability and

deliver the latest advancements in the tourism industry to passengers.

Since its establishment in 2012, Shenzhen Daolv Tourism Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: Daolv) has been committed to using technology to improve the industry efficiency, developing an easy-to-use, reliable and free online distribution platform, promoting the sales of hotel suppliers and retailers, and becoming an integrated channel for providing high-quality hotel resources at home and abroad. At present, Daolv has successfully connected to major domestic OTAs, serving more than 17,000 travel agencies, travel management companies, air ticket agents and other domestic travel agencies, creating millions of room sales for partners at home and abroad each year. Dao Travel is not only a hotel distribution platform, but also a bridge between global hotel resources and global customer booking needs.

Download the application:

App Store: download

Google Play: download

App Gallery: download

VIP branch 1, address: HUD, River Garden, 308 Tapatrip office

VIP branch 2, address: SBD, Central Park, 1st floor, Tapatrip

🖥 www.tapatrip.com 

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📲 Viber, WhatsApp, WeChat: 8515 4444

📧 Email: crm@tapatrip.com
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